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About Loyalle

By God’s unmerited favour Loyalle has consistently ranked among the Top #5 Producers in PropNex, Singapore’s largest Real Estate Agency. Specialising in Central Shophouses and Hotels, he serves both Institutional Investors and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in their commercial real estate investments.
This year, he closed the most number of non-Hotel Shophouse investment deals in Central Business District (CBD) and was mentioned in Singapore Business Review as one of the five most “Bankable Real Estate Agents”.

Loyalle is also a hands-on investment manager. He has actively worked with established F&B and hospitality groups including Hong Kong’s Michelin-star restaurant chain Tim Ho Wan: successfully matching them with prime central district spaces that best suits their business needs.

Are You the ONE? (What I do)

Supposing you recently inherited a huge bundle of cash in China Hong Kong or Singapore worth USD$5-$40m in due to the sale of a property, liquidation of business assets, or as the result of the demise of a loved one. Or one of your family members worked really hard and earned (or expecting to earn) a handsome sum of a couple of millions worth of cash. Due to the tremendously steep Hong Kong property prices ( ) or the China property market slow-down (, you or your family member are not very sure which is the safest country to invest wisely.

As compared to China’s 25%, Singapore has only 17% corporate income tax rate – among the lowest in the world – and is widely perceived as a tax haven. Moreover, majority of local people in Singapore speak Mandarin which is an added advantage for Chinese investors and businesspeople to connect fluently as compared to the other top business cities which have extremely poor Mandarin receptivity like London, New York, Tokyo or Paris.

If you have decided Singapore, would you choose to leave it in a bank, invest in equities, or invest in property?

For bank, it is the safest yet negative nett returns due to inflation. For equities, it might have dividend yield yet there is great volatility that it will drop, moreover you are unable to leverage with equities loans. Where else could you invest? You genuinely consider property because:

Real Assets: Tangible and will not disappear overnight
Leverage: Can borrow up to 80% loan from the bank
Market Upside: up to 10% increase from 2017 to 2018 ( This means if the property is worth 15 million, it can be worth an additional 1.5 million totalling to 16.5m in 2018.

You may consider residential, however you are faced with 15% Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) for foreigners (up to 10% ABSD for local Singaporeans). What other options do you have: How about Shophouses or Hotels where there is completely 0% ABSD?

Whether you are seeking Trophy assets or an asset class to preserve your wealth, you are in the likes of good company who has successfully done so. Why not you take action NOW?

Whom I have helped and How

In 2017, I helped a small business client purchase a Shophouse in Amoy Street at slightly above 15 Million. Within 3 months, her neighbour property was sold at 21 Million. The client’s property immediately increased at least 3m on top of the original purchase price. My client was so grateful and bought another Shophouse in Central Business District later this year. More than one of my clients can testify that are glad to have bought these conservation shophouse as their trophy assets, and all 100% of my clients have positive capital gain. And we are now at the lowest point of the cycle slowly bottoming up.

Loyalle is happily married. Together with his wife, he spends his leisure time travelling across
emerging Asia and meeting new people with “growth mindset”.

Here are some of his accolades:

PropNex Champion

Individual Producer for 2017 to Date

PropNex Champion

Platinum Champion for April 2017

PropNex Champion

Platinum Champion for July 2017

PropNex Champion

Platinum Champion for August 2017

PropNex Champion (Facilitator)

Salesperson Bootcamp 4th Batch

PropNex Champion

Salesperson Bootcamp 1st Batch

PropNex Champion (Facilitator)

Salesperson Bootcamp 5th Batch

One of 5 Bankable Real Estate Agents

Singapore Business Review one of 5 Bankable Real Estate Agents 2017

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